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Hoopship, means a lot to Jarrell Brantley and so does the mission. Having a true love for the game of basketball means wanting to work harder than anybody around you, wanting to learn everything there is to learn, and using every single day to get better. You never want to move backwards. Hoopship is focused on showing the younger generation tools that they do not get through their early years in the game. By the time some players have learned that putting in the work is more important than being the most talked about, it is too late and their opportunity has passed. Hoopship is dedicated to the kids who put in work day and night just to get better. 


Jarrell Brantley

Founder and President of

Hoopship Corporation 

South Carolina native, Jarrell Brantley, is a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz of the NBA. He played college basketball for the College of Charleston Cougars. Jarrell's unusual journey to the NBA has influenced him to share his story and share the tools that have led him to success. With a heart dedicated to service, he created Hoopship to not only share his love for basketball with fellow hoopers but to also give back to his community. 

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